• Mask is not required but may be used. 
  • Please arrive ON TIME
  • Must bring a sweat towel 
  • Beach Towel/Mat is highly recommended
  • Sorry no close contact with anyone.(No hugs or high fives 😢)
  • Only members are allowed to enter the gym. Although we love our cubs, for their safety, they will not be allowed in the gym.
  • Before class, please sign our workout waiver

Healthy Procedures Upon Entry to The Den

  • Athletes are to wait in their car until the coach opens the door for entry. 
  • Temperature Checks Upon Entry
  • Athletes must sanitize hands as they enter the gym. Hand sanitizer stations will be visible throughout the gym. 
  • If you have any symptoms, living with anyone who is sick or has traveled in the last 14 days please do not attend.

Practicing Social Distancing

  • Classes will not have more than 15 people including coaches. (Must book your class in advance via website) 
  • We will maintain social distancing of 6 ft between each person and station. Coaches will be in charge of clearly marking stations with cones or equipment.
  • No congregation allowed by athletes or coaches. 
  • Please bring a full bottle of water to try to avoid the use of a water cooler. 
  • No sharing of equipment. If you are moving on to another station or putting back weights please make sure you wipe it down and sanitize it. 
  • Coaches will keep a distance of 6ft between them and the athlete.

Gym Cleaning.

  • Gym cleaning will be done each day.
  • Disinfecting wipes will be provided to ensure all equipment is cleaned and sanitized after use. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the gym. 
  • We will allow 10 mins between classes to ensure all equipment is cleaned and sanitized. 
  • All commonly used areas will be cleaned and sanitized after each class.

Where you can scream, groan, cry, bleed, sweat, and endure however you see fit.

The Den Power and Endurance was born out of the need to build a home for people who wanted to be a part of a gym culture that focuses more on physical and mental strength. We instill a sense of pride in our members by challenging them to push harder, lift heavier, and look past what they believe is their limit, to be able to complete the last two or three reps. The Den is for those that have the willpower to come in every day to work hard and persevere past their comfort zone. Those who need somewhere to go to and want to surround themselves with people of the same mindset.

We welcome people of all fitness levels. We are not concerned with how strong you are or how “fit” you believe you are because it will never be enough.

What we are concerned with is that you come in with the right attitude and that you leave all worries at the door. As long as you give all your effort and then some…it’s enough. We will instill a sense of want and self-motivation to where you are never satisfied. As in life… like the gym; ” better” is a never-ending journey. We are not interested in being a temporary fix; we want to be the start to your new life. One in which you value your body and what it is capable of. We want you to be hungry and never content, confident but never arrogant, succeed with always failing, and push through when everyone else gives up. You will have the support from a group of people that is second to none. People on the same path who are trying to better themselves just as you are.